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Hungry Shark Mod APK Android/iOS Download

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Hungry Shark Evolution Features

3D graphics of the highest class provides an incredible realism and inexpressible feeling of the game.

The game features 5 species of sharks for development, each of which has its unique capabilities.

A huge world with free actions. Explore every corner, collect all the bonuses, pass the test and become their teacher, to organize a real terror!

A fine control system allows you to choose between a tactile option and a console, which will be easily adapted to each player.

45 diverse missions, each of which is full of dangers and unpredictable. Perform all the tests and deserve the title of the fiercest predator!

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In the underwater world, the most incredible creatures await you that will not only fill the exotic game but will also be useful for cognitive purposes.

Details Of The Game:

  • Category: Arcade
  • Requirements: Android 4.1+
Name Features [Mod]
Developed By Ubisoft Entertainment
Reviews 10000000 +
Installs 100,000,000+
Mod Apk Size According To Device

Download hungry shark mod apk and take control of a very hungry shark and go on a frantic hunt for the ocean.

Survive as long as possible by eating everything and everyone in your path. Explore underwater worlds filled with exotic and delicious creatures.

Unlock iconic sharks like the big white, and megalodon hammerhead and many others like them.

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Latest Hungry Shark Mod Apk With Money/Gems

Download hungry shark evolution from given links which has more than 40 different levels in which we can dive so much through the depths of the ocean, fighting against other sea creatures.

At all levels, we will discover lots of mystery and hidden elements: like special fish with unique powers. We get unlimited money and jewels.

With these coins and gems, we can unlock new elements with which we can make our sharks strong.

Hungry Shark Evolution is a fun and action game, which offers a spectacular three-dimensional graphics section.

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Hungry Shark Evolution Missions Of This Aquatic Adventure

  • Unlock more than a dozen unique sharks and other tremendous creatures.
  • Explore wandering worlds above and below the waves.
  • Enjoy awesome 3D graphics and sound effects.
  • Discover and devour mysterious creatures of deep recruit baby sharks to increase your predatory powers.
  • Find and collect bonus items sunk.
  • Sink your teeth support difficult missions.
  • Activate gold rush to survive longer and higher score.
  • Participate in regular events in the game to score high.
  • Challenge your friends via Facebook social features.
  • Attack with an intuitive key or tilt controls.
  • Synchronize your game easily through Android devices

Latest Hungry Shark Evolution MODE Unlimited Rewards

Hungry Shark Mod Apk latest version download
mod apk latest version download

Hungry shark mod apk has a high definition display/graphics which attracts more players. It is compatible with all Android and iOS devices.

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Hungry Shark Evolution Sharks

Sharks: Severe and cruel predators of the seas, plowing the water spaces and devouring everything in its path.

But the life of a shark is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. It is also full of dangers and difficulties because before becoming a formidable predator, each shark is born as a helpless puppy that knows nothing about the surrounding world and needs support and care.

In the game, Hungry Shark Evolution Apk has to go through the whole life cycle of sharks, from the juvenile to the adult shark.

Hungry Shark Characteristics

If you want to download the game hungry shark evolution apk mod for android on your device, get ready for a dangerous and impressive adventure.

The shark must eat whatever it sees floating in the vast waters, but it has many treacherous enemies, so be careful.

The main advantages of the platform

  • Dynamic, modern and intuitive interface, developed by true professionals.
  • Interesting tasks, a complex plot.
  • A lot of missions, bonuses and prizes.
  • The minimum number of donation requests, which makes the game without real investment quite affordable.
  • Small application weight, minimum requirements.

By downloading hungry shark evolution mod apk from given links you get an absolutely secure game, without viruses, annoying advertising, and other unpleasant things.

Hidden Secrets

This simulator is unique. It only gives the opportunity to enter the underwater world and try to survive in this strange environment for us, fighting with other marine inhabitants.

Existence in nature is much crueler than a peaceful human community. There is a constant struggle for survival.

And if you do not show the teeth first, then the next second can be eaten by a more determined and quirky animal.

To survive, you will have to show composure and quick reaction, without thinking a second before launch.

First-class three-dimensional graphics and a cycle of events that will give you hours of fascinating play.

In these picturesque three-dimensional depths, you have to eat everything from smaller fish, turtles, and octopi to fishermen and divers.

But do not think that once nature has given you an impressive amount of teeth, it will be out of danger.

In this area, there are other sharks, which also need to eat. And if they are very hungry, do not hesitate, they will eat you at once.

They are especially dangerous for small sharks that have not yet learned how to protect themselves properly.

To avoid becoming a breakfast of more adult sharks, you must be very careful, skillfully maneuver between natural obstacles, flee and hide reliably between rocks and corals.

You can learn a whole set of skills, including combos, that will increase your chances of survival.

In a special menu, you will find all the information about the development of your character, and you can also track their statistics (bite force).

Famous/Best Shark Types

In the game there are several types of sharks, which differ in their characteristics and abilities:

1. Reef Shark

It is the smallest and the weakest shark. Due to its small size and basic characteristics, a reef shark can only eat small prey and is forced to hide from larger predators.

Since at the beginning of the game you will not have a letter from the store, use the one at the top.

A point is a place where your shark begins the trip.

Open the nine shells and get the reward.

Use acceleration (taps on the screen) to catch up with creatures that are faster than your shark.

Do not buy anything at this stage. Save coins for more user needs.

Eat as many pelicans as possible, plowing the surface of the ocean.

Dilute the menu with nutritious turtles (they live in areas marked with light blue).

The super mission will give you 25 thousand points.

2. Mako Shark

The new sharks are still weak, so gain experience before earning points, attacking strong opponents.

Each shark (after death) begins the journey from a new point.

Do not buy several “updates”. Save money for more rational use.

Now you should have enough coins to get a standard card.

Use this card to quickly find the shells to move on to the next mission.

Eat fishermen: use acceleration to jump high and jump directly into the boat. Swallow the three harpoon launchers.

Mission: to diet to pass it, you need to swim with a full supply of energy as fast as possible and more.

Jump out of the water and eat flying pelicans.

Make sure you have a lot of health and strength. Find a small submarine mine and prostate. After that, it quickly fills the energy reserve.

Find one of the 15 sunken objects.

You have reached the super mission: get the shark hammer for 6,000 coins.

3. The Hammerhead Shark

It is a very astute hunter with powerful jaws that can grow to enormous sizes.

It feeds on a wide diet of marine fauna and has an attack ability developed even in the first levels. Open the seashells and raise the level.

Do not spend coins on different equipment and skills.

Eat all the flocks of sardines that are not lucky enough to be on the way.

The most convenient place for the passage of this mission is marked on the map.

Find three sunken objects.

Super mission: collect more than 100 thousand points and buy a Tiger Shark.

4. Tiger Shark

It is a powerful shark in hungry shark apk game, capable of causing great damage.

Good health allows it to withstand the attacks of most other underwater inhabitants.

In addition, the tiger shark can dive to great depths. Open the seashells to make your predator stronger.

Find the fisherman on the left side of the map.

Find the cave where Kempy Bass lives, a creature with a fish trunk and a human head.

Before swimming inside, fill your stomach to the pile.

Also, swim in the cave and eat everything that comes along the way, until you meet this funny creature.

The location of the monster on the map, find five sunken objects, earn more than 200,000 points and buy the Giant White Shark!

5. White Shark

It is one of the most deadly sharks in the game. It has a solid health reserve, which is spent very slowly, as well as a powerful bite.

White Shark is able to resist the attacks of any enemy and eats most of the smaller fish at the same time.

In addition, she has special abilities, for example, she can make boats.

Your goal is to unlock the giant white shark, the biggest and most dangerous character.

According to the gameplay, you must feed your hero until it becomes a 10-ton death machine. But according to the standard scenario, this will take a long time.

To accelerate the appearance of a healthy toothy monster, we advise you to take simple actions.

Search for seashells: When you open them, you have access to the next mission. Explore the lower part, beaches, and islands.

By clicking on the shell icon on the left side of the screen, you will see how many missions you have passed and how many more are left before the super mission, where you can earn a lot of points.

Remember that your main task in the game is to survive while earning as many points and coins as possible.

Pass the levels of the lungs to those that are more complicated, spend coins for the acquisition of sharks and only in exceptional cases.

Try to avoid everything that can take away energy and health.

The Stage For Megalodon

You can earn for 50,000 coins after the mission ends with the Great White Shark.

This monster from the world of dinosaurs can grow up to 25 meters long, easily bites half of the fishing boats and ridges of other sharks.

Megalodon can be fed by everything, except barrels with toxic waste, mines, torpedoes and, curiously, beach balls.

Immerse yourself in the lower part, and then with the acceleration, aim upwards to jump out of the water and grab the jaws of paragliders that hover over the waves and even helicopters.

To pass the Megalodon mission in Hungry Shark Evolution, eat five harpoon launchers, five paragliders, 12 fishing boats and 125 minutes.

The stage for Dunkleosteus

Dunkleosteus, which in the game is also called as “Big Daddy” (Big Daddy) is the biggest and strongest predator in the Hungry Shark Evolution.


This prehistoric monster will cost you 250,000 coins to complete the mission with Megalodon.

Its length can reach 30 meters in length, while the deadly mines it swallows without harm to itself. Unlike other sharks, instead of ramming submarines, Big Daddy can simply swallow them.

To pass the mission of Dunkleosteus in Hungry Sharl Evolution,

  • Eat at least 30 people.
  • Flood 30 boats.
  • Eat 20 rare birds.

Eat your enemies: Six Megalodons and ten hunters with harpoons should certainly supplement their diet.

Finally, deal with the Great Black Crab.

It is important to remember that you should not attack dangerous fish directly. Instead, try hitting them unexpectedly from the side or from below.

Hungry Shark Evolution Missions & Rewards

In hungry shark mod apk, for each of the sharks, there is a set of missions for which you are awarded.

These missions are in special shells scattered on the map, and before you can proceed with them, you must find them.

After completing eight main tasks, you will have access to the super commission.

In addition, at the bottom of the sea, many treasure chests are hidden, inside which you can find money to buy game items and other useful things.

The game also provides a wide range of accessories that improve your performance.

Hungry shark evolution game is a series of separate sessions, whose purpose is to stay alive as long as possible.

And earn as many points as possible for each inhabitant eaten from the depths of the sea.

If you manage to swallow a whole group of underwater inhabitants in a short period of time, your points will multiply several times.

Your final score also depends on how much your shark pumps. Over time, you can play other types of more powerful sharks.

New skills will also be provided and a wider range of equipment will be available.

In addition to the story, you can have fun with mini-games. In one of them, for example, your shark will have to throw the tip of the ball so that it does not fall into the water.

This brings more variety to the game and allows you to rest from bloody battles, forgetting for a moment the difficulties of underwater life.

In general, Hungry Shark Evolution is a huge world and you can become part of it by downloading the apk game online from given links.

The theme with the chest can be really rotated: take the content, then exit the game, change the date on a smartphone or tablet for a day.

After restarting the game, the chest will be full again. Therefore, you can earn more coins. If you do this five times in a row, there will also be crystals.

Go through missions, find treasures, earn coins and other gems that will open up new skills or buy rescue kits. Develop and discover the fiercest inhabitants of the depths of the sea.


In this article, you can get the download link for hungry shark Apk mod Android/iOS. You also can explore the complete game with hidden secrets and cheats.